HANS KRISTIAN is a Scandinavian designer brand, which creates jewellery with clear forms inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. Behind HANS KRISTIAN stands a young artist, trained smith, and designer Hans Kristian Mänd, who approaches the jewellery with his robustness characteristic to a metalsmith as well as with pedantry, quality of a jewellery designer. During the time working at a smith’s workshop he found a passion and interest towards precious metal which lead to the playful experiments with forms and colour tones. It is the unique and multi-level approaching to the metal that creates minimalist but playful bonds which the artist himself calls modern antique. The minimalist and everlasting design of the jewellery allows the material to shine itself, awaking the jewellery to life.



Special orders

You have a brilliant idea or a vision of a unique jewellery or accessory but can't find it anywhere? I'm always open to make one-of-a-kind items for my dear customers, so let me know and let's make it happen!

Jewellery maintenance and repairing

I give new life to your old jewellery! Whether it needs repairing, customizing or just to make it shine again, don't hesitate to contact me!